Kitchen Fire Suppression System

kitchen suppression system

The #1 Solution to the #1 Fire Risk

Cooking equipment is the leading cause of fires in eating and drinking establishments, accounting for over 60% of them, according to NFPA. And the toll it takes on lives and property is equally sobering. Consequently, commercial kitchen systems are required by code.

Why Choose Commercial Fire for your Kitchen Suppression Systems

Our team cares about their clients. When you join the Commercial Fire Family we offer complete service, from design and project management to installation and inspection, for all non-water-based, custom-engineered and pre-engineered fire suppression systems. And it's all in compliance with NFPA 17A, Standard for Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems..

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Maintenance Schedule

Every 6 Months
  • Required service inspection every 6 months
  • NFPA required 6 month pipe blowout
Every 12 Years
  • 12-year hydrostatic test (exact interval depends on manufacturer)
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The CF Inspection Process

  • K class extinguisher
  • Complete visual inspection
  • Full function test of system (electric shutdown operation)
  • Dry test system (automatic operation)
  • Dry test system (manual release & control panel & pull station)
  • Weigh activation cartridges as necessary (Ansul) or replace as required
  • UL-300 Compliance Review
  • Cylinder condition
  • Hydrostatic test date
  • Pipe & conduit
  • Linkage (cable fraying)
  • Regulator test date (Ansul)
  • Pull station
  • Chemical type & volume
  • Gas valve (operation & shutdown)
  • Clean & degrease nozzles
  • Fusible link replacement (current year)
  • Compliance certification

Commercial Fire is also available 24/7, should you need additional service. From replacing and repairing to installing new equipment, we're your total kitchen supression system service solution.

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