Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

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#1 in Grease Abatement

As the leading cause of restaurant fires, according to NFPA, commercial cooking operations account for three out of five fires, resulting in millions of dollars in property damage as well as injuries and even death. And 22% of the time, a dirty exhaust hood is to blame, due to grease buildup.

Why Choose Commercial Fire for your Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Few things are harder for a business to come back from than a grease fire. This deadly, fast burning threat needs to be neutralized, but built up grease can help drastically accelerate if not regularly cleaned. Commercial Fire is the nation’s largest restaurant hood and duct cleaning company. We perform hood, duct, and exhaust fan cleaning in accordance with NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations and the local Authority Having Jurisdiction.

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Maintenance Schedule

Every Month
  • Systems serving solid fuel cooking operations
Every 3 Months
  • Systems serving high-volume operations, such as 24-hour cooking, charbroiling, wok cooking, etc.
Every 6 Months
  • Systems serving moderate volume cooking operations
Every Year
  • Systems serving low-volume cooking operations, such as day camps, churches, seasonal businesses, etc.
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The CF Inspection Process

  • Exhaust system 12-point “check in”
  • Before & after pictures
  • Lay protective plastic before cleaning
  • Apply degreasing agent (to exhaust fan, ductwork, filters, & hood canopy)
  • Capture runoff from cleaning process
  • All stainless components wiped down & polished
  • Remove any cooking grease that may have settled on floors, roof, & parking areas
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Shield Yourself Against Hood Fires and Higher Cleaning Costs

Because grease is flammable and can travel as vapor or smoke, it's important to remove it from the air stream before it builds up inside your kitchen exhaust hood. Safety Shield Grease Filters do exactly that, preventing airborne grease from entering the hood exhaust system, saving you on cleaning costs, not to mention protecting life and property from hood fires.

Safety Shield Grease Filters:

  • Capture 98% of Airborne Grease
  • Increase Kitchen Exhaust Fire Protection
  • Reduce Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Costs
  • Are Disposable
  • Are Biodegradable
  • Meet NFPA Requirements
  • Meet ANSI Standards
Kitchen Exhaust Hood with Safety Shield installed

Commercial Fire is also available 24/7, should you need additional service. From replacing and repairing to installing new equipment, we're your total kitchen exhaust cleaning service solution.

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